The Orchard Primary School

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The Orchard Primary School, Gammons Lane, Watford WD245JW
Tel: 01923 672280 Email:admin@orchard.herts.sch.uk

Year 1

The staff who work in Class 1E are: Miss Evans, Mrs Humphreys and Miss Burrows.
The staff who work in Class 1L are: Mrs Lipman, Mrs McFall and Miss Burrows.
The staff who work in Class 1W are: Mrs Windle and Mrs Russell.

Year 1 News

Hello and a warm welcome to Year 1. 

The children have made a great start to the year and have been working really hard.

Our topic this term is 'Ourselves'. We will be learning to identify our body parts and features and explore our incredible senses.  We will investigate artwork by the artist Picasso and create abstract portraits in his style.

We look forward to sharing our learning with you.

Useful things to know:

Key Learner award - is given to the child who demonstrates exceptional effort and remembers their learning (Please return the following day). 

Kindness star award - A star of kindness is given to a child who demonstrates a kind act during the day (Please return the following day).  

Star of the Week - Bears from each class go home with one child on Friday - Please encourage your child to record their adventures with the bear. 


Maths and spellings are given out on a Monday - please return completed work on Friday of that week.







Class 1L

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Class 1E

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Class 1W

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Year 1 Blog

1L had great fun learning about instructions and bossy words today. We also consolidated our maths learning of fractions - cutting our sandwiches into halves and quarters.

Today 1W have been learning about the Land artist, Andy Goldsworthy. He uses natural materials to create his art. We then collected different natural materials from around the school and sorted them in different ways.

Today 1W joined in with a live link HIIT session with Joe Wicks! They all were very hot by the end of it, but had great fun keeping fit. Well done 1W.

This morning Caterlink’s Development Chef, Jamie White came to speak to us about healthy eating. The assembly was fun and the children all learned a lot about making healthy choices.

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