The Orchard Primary School

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The Orchard Primary School, Gammons Lane, Watford WD245JW
Tel: 01923 672280 Email:admin@orchard.herts.sch.uk


The staff who work in Class RP are: Mrs Pinder, Mrs Mitchell, Miss Keough, Miss Markham-James and Mrs Francis.
The staff who work in Class RLW are: Miss Woodland, Miss Tinning, Mrs Francis and Mrs McCool.

Reception News

Welcome to Reception!

We have busy half term ahead of us settling in to our new classes! To keep up to date with all we get up to in Reception be sure to check our blog!

The Reception Team.


Link to the school's website page about phonics.


Class RP

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Class RLW

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Reception Blog

Stay and Read

Stay and Read is cancelled due to the Red Nose Day performances and will continue after Easter.

Many thanks
Reception Team

Reception thoroughly enjoyed their Maths Day with Zoe!

RW had great fun making Smartie shapes and patterns today for World Maths Days… They even remembered not to eat them! We enjoyed spending the day talking about Maths and all the different places we see it and use it in our lives!

RP enjoyed creating patterns and making shapes with the Smarties on World Maths Day. We cut out our favourite numbers and played some counting games. No one was tempted to eat any of their Smarties during the learning activities!!

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